Backgrounds Of The Cam Lock Type Couplings

Cam-lock type couplings for the connectors and valves are known in the art. These devices usually function by having a couple of cams that rotate upon a fixed axis from theopposed sides of a male fitting such that, upon rotation from an unlocked location to a locked location, the increased portion of every cam spreads through the openings in the sidewall of the male fitting. When the male couplingis abutted over a female coupling, the rotation of the cams to the locked position causes the distended part of the cams lock to wedge in the contradiction ofthe grooves in the side wall of the female coupling to reversibly lock together the two couplings.

The walls of camlock couplings are compulsory by thebusiness operating and security standards to be of a minimum wideness. Furthermore, the outside surface of the couplings is essentially circular and the outside diameter measurement is fixed in the dimension by business standards. Prior art cam-lock couplings have a straight circular interior. It essentially follows, therefore, that the inner diameter of previous cam-lock couplings must be small than the innerdiameter of a comparable couplings that is not a cam-lock type.

Therefore, there is a need for the cam lock type fitting that develops on the existing designs by delivering a maximum inner diameter within the flow through passage of the coupling thatsignificantly eliminates the steps within the inner surface while maintaining the other camlock coupling requirements.

In addition, if you usage camlock coupling for your particular or commercial sites you can simply repair the system if something gone wrong. Also, it will take only a very small time to get the fault restored, and you might not have to be worried due to the problems occurred as older days. As such, there are more benefits are in obtainability with camlock coupling and persons like to use it for nearly each possible circumstances.

The invention is a cam lock couplingcontaining a body having a flow trackthere through. The flow path includes a 1st opening and a 2ndopening. The second opening is delivered by a superior having a distal end, proximal end, an internal surface, an external surface, and an inner cross-sectional width.

Some of the advantages on couplings and cams also in the market available types:

  • There are severalbenefits of cam lock fittings in industries.

  • Camlock fittingswork by injecting the coupling which is grooved into the cam fitting by only closed arms of camlock.

  • Connecting hoses and pipes with camlock coupling is measured as the secure way of connecting 2 hoses or pipesin the way ofliquids.

  • Cam & groove fitting or camlock coupling will avert any type of leakage and is sealed. Safety pins would prevent any types of leakage occurring accidental disconnection of cylinders or pipes.

  • Cam lock fittings are commonly made of brass,aluminum, polypropylene and stainless steel.

  • A Camlock coupling is accessible in several sizes extending from 1/2″-6″ and contains a boardwhich is a material of gasket.

Tips To Consider When Buying Aluminum Camlock Fittings

The aluminum Camlock fittings are beneficial items that you could purchase in the occasion that you make wide use of hose and piping in your house or in your workplace. These fittings are extensively sold together web and somewhere else and are generally made of either aluminum or brass. The online acquisition of couplings is generally more prevalent because of the useful aspects related with such an acquisition. When you appoint in the acquisition of couplings, you need to have some important instructions in mind so as to confirm that your acquisition is a good deal.

Buy Lesser Sized Couplings

You should purchase aluminum Camlock couplings that are minor in size as these are less probable to be prone to faults equaled to the couplings that are vended online. The smaller couplings do not disruption or scratch simply and could be used for five years and give quite easily.

Purchase more at a Time

When you purchase coupling devices like aluminum Camlock fitting you must take benefit of bulk acquisitions and purchase more than one of these at a time. This is coz couplings are necessary for use quite regularly in the home and it is well that you having numerous of these at your removal. You can inhibit yourself the difficulty of running to the store period and again.

Purchase Couplings Fitting to the Top Brands

The couplings that you purchase should be those that are made by the highest top brands. Only then could you get to use them without feeling problems every once in a while.

Purchase Couplings made of aluminum

If you purchase couplings then you must consider the clue of purchasing those that are made of aluminum. The aluminum couplings are fairly easy to keep maintains and they are also considered by a much improved exterior than the copper and the brass couplings. The aluminum couplings are also fairly easy to install.

Purchase when a Sale going on

When you are watching the acquisition of couplings you must purchase couplings when a sale going on, any at online store or anywhere else. When you purchase during a sale you catch to avail of outstanding care services along with the acquisition of the device.

Never Buy Second Hand Products

You must always refrain from the buying of the 2nd hand couplings as these are not registered by a long life. You could get to use them for 3 to 4 months at the maximum. Purchasing them will therefore be a whole waste of money for you and so should be evaded.

You must ask about the exchange price of the couplings at the spell of the acquisition and keep the receiving very sensibly in your custody. By responsibility so, you could end up swapping the couplings for those of an improved quality at an advanced date if this is wanted.

Therefore, there are fairly a few significant points which you essential to accept in mind when you agreed out to purchase Camlock couplings for your individual use.

Purchase Camlock Couplings of High Quality

Machines, instruments, equipment all are made up of parts and accessories. When these parts and accessories are assembled then a complete working machine is formed. Coupling is mechanism that is used to attach two shafts collectively at their end for the purpose of transmitting power. These couplings are very important constituent for pipe connections. They can be used with pipes that are made up of different materials. Some varieties of pipes that require this device installed on them is steel, concrete, cement, plastic, fiber and many more. From plumbers to installers, all require these components.

Primary preference of every customer is quality. They are not interested to purchase cheap or defective products. Heavy and expensive systems are designed to remain in operational condition for longevity. Flexible Camlock couplings are designed in such manner that they can hold a connection very tightly. Typically these devices are made from corrosion resistant material. These parts usually do not permit detachment of shafts during any operation. As per the demand and requirement of the customer, manufacturers and suppliers offer different varieties of couplings. Some are even resistant against aggressive chemicals.

The main function of coupling is to join pieces of rotating equipments but also allow some misalignment. It is important to carefully select and install these couplings or else saving would not be possible. Purchase Camlock coupling from a renowned supplier or manufacturer. You would be not charged exorbitantly and life of the device would be also considerable. Heavy duty couplings have to be rigid so that it can withstand extreme situations. Sometimes they have to face problem of overload and in some conditions either the transmission is low or another rotating unit vibrates. To address such situations, couplings have to be made very strong.

Customer spends enough money to obtain the product of their choice. In case they are not satisfied with the performance or quality, they complain to the manufacturer or the supplier. Hence high quality Camlock couplings are available in the wide range. Their performance, durability and quality is appreciated by the users. These devices are made from high quality metals and no compromise is made with the quality. Renowned manufacturers and suppliers have made their presence felt by supplying these high quality couplings. Their customer care department is happily ready to solve any query. They also maintain informative and eye catching website that has all up to date information.

There Are Different Types Of Hose Coupling

These are Quick release fittings connectors. Cam-lock fittings are connected using tabs which after insertion into the receiver to lock fitting, folds down. Cam-lock coupling another kind of hose coupling used to quickly connect and disconnect fitting on hose or pipes, they are fluid fittings.


Cam and groove

A cam and groove is a connector that allows the flow of fluid. It is a quick connector with hose coupling and it also consists of a “male” adapter and a female “coupler. The male part i.e. adapter contains a groove which is fitted by the “cam arms” on the outside so as to compensate the effect of gasket which tends to take place inside coupler. They are mostly used for petroleum purposes.

Air king

These are malleable brass or iron hose coupling. Being sexless, they are usually found in large pneumatic tools like jackhammers. Their two- lug head which makes it adjustable with all sizes ranging from 0.25 inch to 1 inch makes its fitting considered as “universal.”

Expansion ring

An expansion ring is a type of hose coupling which is commonly used on a lay flat fire hose. It has many advantages as it provides restriction of flow. This happens because of the inner ring gets expanded to match the inner diameter of the hose. It is basically installed in special kind of machinery.

Express coupling

It is half coupling which is basically used for water and air. The most commonly used standard is NF E 29-573. When the operation is done with this kind of coupling, it is pushed by two coupling and gets rotated into a form. It is most popular in France and European market.

Ground joint

A ground joint is primarily used for compressed air or steam. It consists of a stem, wing nut and spud. It acts as soft copper seat located which is drawn against the stem by making the wing nut very tight.

Guillemin symmetrical clutch

It is widely used in France and in Belgium to couple hoses and is kind of similar to a DSP coupling, which is basically used in fire-fighting. It can made tight by hand, but its more conventional to use a tricoise switch. It is coated with aluminium, stainless steel, brass or polypropylene. The standard for this type of coupling is En14420-8F/NF E29-572.


Mulconroy swaged hose coupling is commonly found on large diameter hoses where use of high pressure is required or high pressure applications are used. For example oil suction and discharge. They get installed with special fluidic ram machinery and it also contains special dies.

Holedall IX

It is a type of internally expanded hose coupling which is also used at places where high pressure couplings are used or where the hose is kept infront of higher pull, or where flow is at its fullest.


It is type of hose connectors which is internally expanded and is primarily used on fuel oil hose applications, where the flow is at its fullest. They get installed with special hydraulic bar machiney with special plugs


Around 1955 hazelock was introduced in United Kingdom, which was firstly invented with the use of standard plastic, click on style. The main concept to develop these kind of hoses was to replace metallic hoses which were a problem in coal mines as they were prone to static sparks and it also increased the possibility of methane gas explosions. This is now universally accepted all over the world.

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Areas And Applications Where Camlock Couplings Are Used

Today you must have observed that in order to make every container filled correctly with any liquid, most trades are using Camlock Coupling. It is also famous as cam and groove couplings. Camlock couplings are used in several of the processes in transportation of liquid and dry products also. It is usually obtainable in standard size which is 0.5 inches to 6 inches. These are prepared with different materials like aluminum, brass, ductile iron,stainless steel, polypropylene, nylon and various other thermoplastic materials and alloys are also involved.

Fire departments
cleaning services
Petroleum trucks
Factories here paints are manufactured
Transportation of liquids and dry products
Tie hoses to tanks, water pump allocations, and general winery

Uses of Camlock Fittings:

These are used in numerous different kinds of applications. There is one male and female adapter which is held together in directive to lock the coupling. If you need to avoid leaks from a container, you must confirm that the container is strongly packed. Nearly all the businesses use Camlock couplings to do so. These couplings are famous in the marketplace because they are considered to be the easy economical and simple way of disconnecting and reconnecting.

Mostly, the imp function of the Camlock couplings is to join 2 or more pipes together. The coupling should lastinglysatisfy the requirements of an application otherwise the coupling will not work efficiently. The non-effective coupling can cause bad effects to the system and could damage it resulting in making of a dangerous atmosphere. The size of the Camlock Couplings should be designated correctly and by taking all due attention and the temperature should be considered while selecting any coupling. The fitting necessity fit in the temperature and the pressure and suitable fitting must be selected. When two pipes are joined together, it at times needs a valve and thus corrects measurement of the valve to be selected to make a coupler operative if it needs a valve.

One of the most significant features of a Cam Lock Coupling is that several types of connections can be used. Some of the connections are threaded male connection,twisting, lure lock etc. Different kinds of adapters are requisite for different types of couplings. The type of coupling is contingent upon the type of the application in which it is used.

Precautions to be taken:

Whereas using cam lock coupling, you should always take some precautions that can protect you from disaster circumstances such as:

  • You should always connect the cam locks couplingsbelow low pressure so that you can use it without any risk.

  • It is compulsory to match products correctly so as to make best alloy couplings.

  • Before beginning any application it is important to conduct anaccurate test for hose assembly so that you can confirm that it is leak free and clamps are securely assembled, hose and coupling.

  • In circumstance of abrasive fluidized dry products, you should each time check the couplings for daily test for extreme wear and should be swapped when it is necessary.

  • It is important to tie the ends of the hose so that you could prevent the bucking and whipping of the hose. This will be cooperative for you to avert the accidental separation.

Global Coupling Seo

For everyone who lives in a house it is important to deal with couplings. The couplings become major part of the fluid transaction. From water to petrol to transfer any fluid we need couplings. Though there are different types of couplings with made of different materials available in market today we have to select the best ones for our need to escape from fluid leak. In a house, we need couplings at many places. From the places that are easily reachable to our hands to the places that we can’t see once we fix the coupling and close. So we need to fix the couplings that have leak proof guarantee. The researches show that the water that is leaked is the bigger water waste in water management. So getting the couplings that will give leak proof to your house is good not only for your building but also for the environment.

As the couplings are part of our day-to-day life, we may not be able to reach to any tools every time we operate them. In that case, Quick Disconnectscouplings can help you better. These couplings are very easy to handle and can be fixed wherever you will make frequent movements in fluid or gas transactions because not just in transferring water, even in transferring gas (like petroleum gas) we use couplings. When it comes to couplings we can’t things only about houses even in industries and in agriculture we use couplings. In industry kind of places we cannot manually operate the couplings every time. So even the couplings that respond to pressure and make moves are available in the market, these kind of quick couplings are called pneumatics couplings. The quick couplingsare available in aluminum with aluminium handles and aluminium with brass handles.Quick couplings made of plastic are also available in the market.

Unlike the homes, the industries need couplings for many purposes. They may also need to quickly connect and disconnect the hoses for various purposes from single joint. For example, a petroleum container may have to connect the hose every time it fills the petrol in different petrol bunks. For this purpose, a quick disconnect called ‘cam and groove’ can help well as it enables us to connect and disconnect the pumps more often and prevents the leakage.

Aluminum camlock fittings are very famous in couplings from home to industries as it is used to transfer all liquids from water to chemical. These couplings do not need any tool to work on so widely preferred in industries. And it has many numbers of specifications to choose from.

Stainless steel camlock fittings will be a fine choice for you if you worry about the stains that metals make on the floor or wall. The stainless steel camlock fitting that is made of high quality stainless steel is good for any liquid transportation as it comes in different sizes you can choose any with respect to your need.

Whenever you are selecting any couplings, be clear about the material of the coupling, material of handle, types of joints provided, the size and the brand of the coupling.

A brief Introduction to Camlock Fittings

Camlock fitting, also known as cam and groove couplings are used extensively for the transportation of various liquid and dry products. They serve the purpose of rapidly connecting or disconnecting fitting on piping or hose. They are available in a wide range of sizes varying from 3/4 to 6 inches. Commonly camlocks are made of materials like aluminium, brass, stainless steel, ductile iron, polypropylene, nylon and other thermoplastics.

Why camlock fittings?

To ensure safety and avoid leakage from containers, it is essential to make sure that the container is tightly packed. Various methods can be used to overcome this problem. But the most economical and easiest method is using cam and groove couplings. They are considered quite safe as the seal is completely leak proof and airtight. That’s why nowadays these camlocks have become quite popular among numerous industries.

Working of a camlock

A camlock works in a quite simple manner; you have to just insert the groove coupling inside the cam coupling and close the cam arms. Among all available methods of transportation of liquids camlock fittings are considered as the most reliable and easiest.

Applications of camlocks in industries

Camlocks have become the first choice in industries for transportation of petroleum through pipelines, chemical processing, unloading of rail cars, handling of dry bulk, water supply and in transportation of various other liquid products. Camlock fittings have also become first preference for sealing containers filled with flammable and highly corrosive liquids.

Types of camlocks

There are a large variety of camlocks readily available in the market including:

  • Aluminium camlock fittings: Aluminium doesn’t get corroded easily, also being light in weight and economical to afford it becomes ideal for transportation of water, crude oil, diesel and gasoline.

  • Brass camlock fittings: Brass is a corrosion resistant alloy thus is a top choice for water and petroleum products like gasoline and diesel.

  • Stainless steel fittings: Stainless steel is a highly ductile alloy and provides great resistance to corrosion. It is recommended to be used with salty water, chemicals, waste water.

  • Ductile iron fittings: Ductile iron has high strength and doesn’t get scrapped by dry bulk matter. Hence it is readily used with sand, dry cement and other dry abrasive objects.

  • Polypropylene camlock fittings: Being a thermoplastic fibre polypropylene has a great strength. It is chemical resistant and is nowadays used in sealing chemical containers. Some of the polypropylenes which are food graded are hereby used in water and beverage industries.

  • Nylon camlock fittings: Nylon being thermoplastic posses a lot of elastic strength and corrosion resistance. It is therefore used water and chemical purposes.


Safety measures while using camlocks:

Besides their numerous applications, the camlocks can’t be used everywhere. It is recommended neither to use a camlock with compressible gases nor with compressed air. Moreover it is also suggested to restrict their use with steam, natural gas and propane. The connection of camlock coupling should be made under low pressure. A camlock should be checked frequently for excessive wear and tear and replaced when required. Read more at

Leakage Resistant Storage Way Out Using Camlock Couplings

There is always a feasibility of leakage when semi- liquids and liquids are transferred into large tanks and containers. This can lead to a great loss of these fluids such as petroleum or any other chemicals that are highly expensive. The way out is to use Camlock couplings to get ensured that there is no possibility of wastage and leakage. They are normally popular by their other names also, like cam and groove and many more. These couplings are greatly well-known in all the companies as they are reliable, simple and also cost-effective.

Significance Of Camlock Couplings

These couplings greatly operate in the industries of liquid, which make the use of hoses for storage purposes for the materials like chemicals, water or petroleum. They operate in the industries, which manufacture inks and paints. In addition to this, they are also utilized in the companies, where hoses consisting of high frequency are utilized and altered for the appropriate mix. Moreover, they are also utilized for the delivery of the fuel at different gas stations. Also, they operate for holding fuel or chemicals in tanks and for carrying fire hydrants in the department of fire in different destinations.

It is obvious that these fittings are generally operated for holding dangerous material. Hence, it is significant to be familiar with the precautions, while consuming such kind of equipment. Discussing abut these couplings, it is primarily utilized for the purposes of irrigation and characterizes a quick and easy connect ability that is ideal for the operation because of its flexibility and design. So, these couplings are greatly operated in the sugar cane plantations and in destinations, which need often dismantling and assembling.

Precautions That Must Be Used

Here are some precautions to be utilized during operating with these couplings that are given as follows:

  • These couplings must be attached under a very low pressure for your protection and safety.

  • It is significant to assure that pipes or hoses are free from any kind of leakage and tightened properly before utilizing these couplings.

  • These fittings must be swapped time to time in case of rasping dry products as these couplings are more common to excessive use in many cases.

  • For assuring protection, the utilization of these couplings that consist of the handling system of locking must be promoted.

  • To stop the accidental separation of these couplings, it is essential to tighten the ends of the pipe appropriately.

How Do These Couplings Work?

These couplings operate in an easy and a simple plan as you just have to attach these couplings inside the cam fitting because of the locking the arms of the cam. The pipes are attached utilizing this coupling as it is one of the easiest and most secure methods to pour the fluids and transfer them to other places among various other reachable choices. Moreover, such forms of couplings are tightened properly and stop all sorts of leakage.

These fittings are greatly consumed in the liquid industry because of its capability of disconnecting and connecting coupling on piping. These couplings are manufactured from a diversity of items that are utilized for diverse liquids. Its assortment of sizes facilitates it accommodate various kinds of piping hoses or diameters.

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Selecting The Best And High Quality Quick Release Fitting Device

The handling of the fluid forms a fraction of a lot of different service providers from numerous industries. This task seems a challenging and a difficult one for the workers as it requires proper cautiousness and knowledge to handle the transfer of the fluid in an easy and effective manner. In order to be able to perform the fluid handling tasks by the workers properly and efficiently, they will need to include the right equipments and parts for Camlock fitting and others. In order to meet the conditions of these situations, the couplings are a perfect option. You can get a huge variety of couplings in the market. You can select any type of a coupling made up of any material, according to your industry.

Find out the best manufacturer

To buy this type of connecting or detaching device according to the need, it is important to find out the right manufacturer and supplier. You need to select the company that is professional and reputed one to avoid the future issues. The supplier needs to ensure that their customers can handle fluid and also measure it, with the assistance of their products that would incorporate any type of couplings. You need to select the company, who is capable of providing you with the best and high quality products as well as at wholesale or affordable prices. From the context, it means that you will be saving a huge amount of money with the help of a reputed and professional manufacturer.

Search online

Different manufacturing companies that deal with fittings, supply these products to different industries such as water, agricultural, pharmaceutical, waste and even construction and many others. Such manufacturers work with dissimilar brands that are well known in the industry for providing their consumers with the best probable results due to the presence of high quality quick couplers and other products. They try to provide their customers something new and more effective than previous ones, when it comes to fittings of any type and materials. If you want any sizes or dimensions for your fittings, you can go online and search for them so that you can make sure that you are going to purchase the correct elements for handling the fluid transfer between the lines.

Various coupler manufacturing companies make their presence on the web so that their potential users can contact them easily and quickly.

Check compatibility

When you are going to buy any type of Camlock fitting, it is important to check that whether these fittings are compatible with your industrial machines and equipments. You have to check, whether these fittings are compatible with the chemicals or fluids that you will be utilizing in your industry. If you would want to ensure that their components are certified and approved, then you can ask for a certificate that they can produce for you. So, it is highly recommended to make a proper research prior to selecting any kind of fitting for your industrial application. You can also ask them how these devices work for handling the fluids in their lines. You can visit their website and search for whatever you want.

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In Which Industries The Quick Release Fittings Are Used?

An instant connects coupling is utilized to offer a rapid, make or break the link of fluid lines, which are responsible for transferring the fluid of any kind from one place to another. These fittings are important to use in any type of industry because it prevents the leakage of the fluids. Instant disconnects can be discovered in various kinds of machinery in industries all over the world, like semiconductor production machinery, food packaging equipment, drug and explosive recognition devices, analytical tools and instruments, toxic gas recognition detection monitors, air compressors, pneumatic tools and so on. Some couplings are used in hydraulic power equipments and tools like medical gadgets, snow plows, heating and cooling gadgets, dental equipment, automatic assembly machinery and many others.

The applications of these coupling devices are almost countless and never-ending as there are used in a wide range of industrial applications for different purposes. Take a look at some applications of these fittings used for different purposes in different industries in a detailed manner, mentioned below:

Food packaging machinery

It is important to know that packaging machinery uptime is vital to the food packaging industry. Whenever machinery is down for getting repaired, money is lost. Packaging machinery frequently operates around the clock with a service technician or an operator standing close by to ensure the equipment is operating and functioning efficiently and without any failure. Quick fittings make sure that the operators can do changeovers instantly, hence, by reducing the fluid leaks and down time.

Hydraulic and pneumatic compressors and tools

Possibly, the most well known utilization of these fittings is on hydraulically and pneumatically powered machinery and tools. If you have gone to an automatic repair store or observed a snow turnover close you probably noticed an instant disconnect located at the last part of the fluid line. These couplings make tool and machinery change over a gentle wind.

Gas detection devices

Safety is the critical element, when a worker enters a restricted space like a mine shaft or a manhole. Gas detection gadgets are available with lengthy sampling probes for permitting workers to examine for gases such as CO, CO2, Methane, Hydrogen, Oxygen and many others. These detectors should be user friendly. Frequently, the Quick release couplings are précised so that the probe lines may be simple and easily switched.

Explosive and drug recognition gadgets

In recent times, the terrorists attack become common in different public places like military facilities, government buildings, airports, and many others. It is important to detect the narcotics and explosives for the safety of the people. Most of the detection devices utilized for this reason include fittings for enhanced serviceability.

Medical blood analyzers

In medical laboratories, blood testing machineries are used for performing high volume medical examinations. Such analyzers run instantly around the time. Internal links are essentially fixed in position, but whenever a service call is required, the equipments may require to be instantly detached from the supply pipes or lines and after that disassemble for troubleshooting purposes. In this manner, the medical laboratories make use of instant fittings in their tasks.

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