Safe Working Environment In Industries – Use Camlock Fittings

Working in productions comprises high amount of danger. There are numerouskinds of industries that are into the business of developed and selling of different kinds of materials, which you usage in your regular life. There are superior fittings and accessories to make the working procedurefor operators in industries simple and secure, who deal with numerous kinds of liquids that are corrosive or fluids whose purity has to be considered. Camlock Couplings are special fittings used in productions that confirm transfer of fluids secure and efficient without causing any types of harms to the operators. Thus these couplings are the best solution available for the fitting problems. One should choose the best quality.

Advantages of using Camlock Fittings in Industries:

Camlock fittings are used to connect and disconnect hoses or pipes used in industries for liquid transfer. Camlock Couplings have a board range of uses in storage and transportation of dry products as such as liquids. There are severalassistances of using camlock fitting in industries. They are:
1. Flammable and Volatilefluids like chemicals,petroleum etc can be managedsecurely during transportation with the assistance of camlock couplings.

2. Not only fluids but also dry products management is also done simply and perfectly with a camlock couplings.

3. It has simple connected designs thatassist the user to make connections and disconnections rapidly and simply.

4. A Cam lock couplings is normally made with stainless steel and decreases the issue of corrosion. Therefore, they are secure to use in food industries where high standards of hygiene is measured.
Cam locks couplings areaccessible in numerous sizes and ranges from 1/2″ to 6″.
Cam lock couplings are obtainable in many types and have dissimilar specifications.
Cam lock couplings are securely used in rail car unloading, dry bulk management, water and agricultural goods.

Online accessibility of Camlock couplings:

As you see a cam lock fitting confirms safety for operators who deal with chemicals and other flammable products both dry and fluid. Any leak of these liquids can cause danger hazard to those who manage it. Therefore, it is very essential to buying, cam lock couplings from reputed manufactures. Only believed manufactures manufacture cam lock couplings according to industrial standards and security. To avoid future issues, make certain about the status by visiting their business sites and try to read testimonials and review of many users who have already experienced.
Web is the best platform where you will be capable to get the locations of numerous manufacturers of
camlock couplings. You can make your selection and can buying through their online store without wasting time and cash. Their user-friendly site will navigate you along correct channels. The online store is advantageous for industrial buying as bulk and individual orderings could be done effectively through online. You will capable to find board range of liquid transfer products in their business site and will be capable to make a wise buying. Reputed and reliable manufacturers and distributors of camlock fittings are reasonable and deliver high performance and correctness.

Couplings: Best Solution For Your Needs

Quick disconnects are completely the best compromise among price and function for making and breaking connections among your vessels, pumps, chillers, and hose sets. These are cheaper than tri clovers and entire other stainless steel quick disconnect couplings designs. Best of all, they are milspec standard about the world so you will never get stuck with a single seller’s proprietary disconnect system and have trouble adding on to it numerous years down the road. Global delivers the biggest selection of standard and custom high flow camlock the whole home brewing industry. They come standard with consumable food grade silicone gaskets.

Thequick disconnector business portion of the camlock system contains of female and male parts. The male side is a cylinder with an outside concave recess round the circumference and a front sealing face. Once inserted into the female fittings, a set of cammed arms are drawn back to put on pressure to the male’s recess that locks the parts together and grips the male’s sealing face tight to the captured gasket.

Type A – Male QD/ Female 1/2″ NPT. The most standard use for this part is attaching to the wort in or out ports on a plate chiller. It could also be used for recirculation ports, the in or out of a HERMS coil. Etc.

Type F – Male QD or Male 1/2″ NPT. Commonly used on the result of brewing containers, easedhooked on the ball valve. It used in location of traditional hose barbs.

Type E – HOSE BARB or Male QD. The type E is same to the A and F but in its place of threads, it has a 1/2″ hose barb on the back end. The barb is rather restrictive; however, if you are using small tubing, the E is just well.

Type B – Female QD Coupling to Male 1/2″ NPT. These are commonly installed on the more convenient or “mobile” end. Prior to development of well hose connection procedure, customers usually stretch silicone tubing across the threads. The type B might be joined with a backyard hose adapter to back flush plate chillers or to fill vessels with fresh brewing water. There are maybe other good uses. 

Type C – Female QD Fittings to 1/2″ OD HOSE BARB. They carried the stock type C for a while due to users demand but they did so unwillingly. The inner of the barb is commonly less than 3/8″ and was horribly restrictive when you study the truth that they use 1/2″ ID tubing all over the place.

Type D – Female QDFittings to Female 1/2″ NPT. These are just similar the Type B, only they have female NPT thread.

Female QD Fittings to block off cap…Type DC. Same to the Type B and D but just a blank block off…..They’re retailed as duct caps but it’s also a fluid tight solution as sound as any other fittings here. If all you need to do is keep dust out of the male section, checked out the vinyl caps below.

A Short Introduction To Camlock Couplings

Camlock couplings or fittings are currently famous in industrial crowds owing to their economical and simple sense of connecting to and from hoses. To not mention, they’re terribly safe since the seal is leak-proofed and compacted.

Uses for Camlock coupling

  • Can be used for transferring agriculture, water, petroleum, chemicals, dry bulk handling and other things

  • Commonly utilized by home suppliers round the globe

  • Used in several industries that trot out flammables or extremely acidic chemicals

  • Used for connecting hoses to tanks and pumps

Camlock hose fittings are used primarily for irrigation applications and options a quick-connect capability ideal to be used with the versatile irrigation systems like are used on sugar cane plantations et al. requiring comparatively frequent assembly and disassembly of the system, the coupling being characterized by a cannular body portion having a teat over that a versatile irrigation hose is force, there being a collar on the instrumentation body that by virtue of a try of volute ramps is forced over the tip of the irrigation hose lockup it onto the teat once the collar is twisted. Being unrestrained aside from by the volute ramp structure, the collar will be force axially to directly have interaction the irrigation hose, or twisted to utilize the ratio inherent within the volute ramps so twin different operative modes are inherent within the style. Many generic products are made recently, that solely slightly fulfill the specifications because of different materials used, reduced wall thickness and a smaller quantity examination being provided. This method helps to scale back the value; it’ll conjointly noxiously have an effect on the lifetime of the merchandise. It may also place the operator and/or surroundings at risk.

The invention pertains to coupling mechanisms for conterminous a length of versatile hose to a different length of hose, a rigid pipe fitting, a T-intersection or the rest, and notably relates to such a coupling or fitting because it would apply to irrigation systems.

There are various differing types of irrigation systems, to a number of that the moment invention might not apply. the realm to that it notably will apply may be a specialized field of irrigation during which terribly light-weight, thin-walled versatile plastic tubes are briefly, or at the most semi-permanently deployed in sugar cane groves or elsewhere such they need to be demolished and discarded once a amount of your time. The assembly of those units should naturally be accomplished in as speedy a time as attainable thanks to the political economy of farm labor and this successively needs the employment of Stainless steel Camlock fittings that are capable of connecting the length of thin-walled hose to pipes and also the like fully as quickly as attainable.

They have been utilized within the past a coupling that utilized associate degree elongated cannular body portion somewhat just like the one amongst the moment invention with a teat onto that the tip of a hose is pushed so quickly preserved on it by virtue of a collar headedly performing on the coupling body that taken away to pinch a hose over the teat because the collar is turned on its threads, inflicting it to axially advance on the coupling tube.

Hose Coupling: An advanced technology!

A hose connector, usually made up of stainless steel, brass, aluminium, steel or plastic, is a connector present on the end of to connect it with hose appliances or a tap or another hose. Cam-lock hose connectors connect runs of hose section, other components or equipment. Systems are typically designed of specially formed joints and connections or fittings connected straight sections. Cam-lock coupling another kind of hose coupling used to quickly connect and disconnect fitting on hose or pipes, they are fluid fittings.

Cam-lock fittings are connected using tabs which after insertion into the receiver to lock fitting, folds down. They are used in many heavy-duty hose such as sewage/sludge pumping and fire house.

Hoses are made up of different material in multiple layers depending on the transported media and application; they are more flexible and portable than piping tubing. Whiletube and pipe are rigid hollowed cylinders made up of one solid material throughout.

In addition, the end of a hose length attached mostly permanent (integral) connectors and fitting ends. Whereas tubing and piping need to have separate fitting at the time of construction or use.

Material composition

These are made up of many layers with different materials and plastics-

  • Aluminium- light-weighed and anti-corrosive. Aluminium Camlock coupling is typically used for plumbing. Alloyed with manganese, zinc, silicon, copper and/or other metals to increase its tensile strength and hardness.

  • Brass- durable, corrosion resistance and strong, with good conductivity and high temperature ductility. Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, because of its excellent performance properties and machinability, it is the most common tube fitting used n the industry. Brass fitting has various decorative and protective finishes.

  • Steel- strong and durable, with high resistive to is commonly alloyed with carbon and iron to improve its both durability and corrosive resistance. It is used as industrial and commercial applications for carrying flammable gas, water and other fluids. For rust and chemical corrosion resistance galvanised steel is covered with zinc. Carbon steel is specially made alloy with higher level of carbon for increased strength and durability.

  • Stainless steel- relatively strong with excellent corrosive resistance and chemical. Stainless steel contains over 10.5% chromium which provides it with excellent corrosive resistance system handling and sanitary applications.

Common plastic included

  • Fluororesin (PFA/PTEF/PVDF): used because of its dielectric properties and good chemical resistance.

  • Poly ethylene(PE): these are monomers of ethylene, which make them preferred plastic for cold and hot temperature applications. It is semi-flexible, commonly used for underground geothermal heating loops and sprinkler systems.

  • Polypropylene (PP): Thermoplastic material that exhibit excellent bi-axial strength, cold-flow and gives elongation properties. It is similar to PVC, but because its resistance to weathering, UV, and ozone makes it useful on exposed applications too.

  • PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride): These are present in variety of pressure rating , but susceptible to wear from environmental weathering and UV radiation.

Cam-lock fittings are connected using tabs which after insertion into the receiver to lock fitting, folds down.Air king, Cam and groove and Expansion ring are some of the commonly used hose- connectors.


The couplings are hose couplings which are basically used to connect and disconnect a pipe connected to a fitting or a hose. These couplings are made from different variety of materials which are used to carry liquid and they come in variety of sizes and different diameters. They come in different types such as type A, type B, type C, type D and many more and each type depicts the type of female and male connecters used in these couplings. Apart from these types, the connection part of the couplings can be made of various types such as butt welding, flange and methods using glass etc.


These camlock couplings are made through some kind of specification which is associated with structures like MIL-S-27892. They are popular now a day because of their simple structure and easy mode of operation. Their user friendly nature made them popular too. These couplings have cam arms fitted inside them which are connected to the camlock couplings by just opening the arms and then fitting the adaptor inside the coupler. These cam arms are then closed under normal applied hand pressure to complete the joint.


Camlock couplings are made of rubber such as nitrile rubber which is placed as a seal in the groove of the coupler. The couplings can be made of different type of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel AISI 314, AISI 324, AISI 321, mild steel, propylene which is reinforced with fibreglass. Handles of the couplings are made of stainless steel such as AISI 328 which is used as a standard for all couplings made of brass, steel or any other kind of material. There are different types of handle sizes available when they are made by aluminium. They are available in 0.5”. 0.75”, 1”, 5”, 5.5” and 6” and when it comes to other kind of materials, their size ranges from 1” to 4”. Couplings made of brass and stainless steel have coupler of about .75” but basic standard size of coupler is either 1.25” or 1”.


These couplings are made to work under different kind of static pressure and under ambient temperatures which are made of high elastomeric seals. Higher temperature and use of seals will reduce the pressure magnitude of the coupling. In case of propylene couplings, it can sustain a temperature of about +348K and when couplings work under so much temperature; its pressure must be reduced by 40%. Different companies provide different type of camlock fittings marked with a standard code number such as AR-A-128-WE. These standards are used for important industrial connection and are available with recognized certificate. Different versions are available of camlock fittings in which economical version are the best. Economical version wall thickness much lower than others, good surface finish and resistance of the couplings are reduced to minimum level and all in all, it fulfils all pressure requirements. It has the same standard as couplings, but X gets added at the end such as AR-A-128-WEX.

A guide to choose a suitable company for cam locks coupling, fittings etc.

The products mentioned above are used for various applications, like pipe fittings, tubing, chemicals, adhesives etc. There are numerous companies now days providing cam fittings and quick disconnect services online as well as in the markets. But if you want to go for the best company for getting your service you have to keep some points in mind. Selecting a reputed and good company is must to avoid problems in future; else the company selected by you may prove a wrong choice. If you are available with appropriate facts and details of the company with you then your work is almost done. But in case you are unaware of the steps to be taken to select the best company for you, down below are some steps which will guide you in a proper way, to select the suitable company.

Customer is the king

As told before, there are many companies in the market which provide this service but if you want to shortlist the companies with better class, then classify them on the basis of the customer service they provide. Some of the best brands provide quality customer assistance and go beyond their limits each time for helping their customers. A good company will always have a 24X7 customer assistance service. These brands not only sell their products but are always ready to help their customers by troubleshooting any problem they face. Thus, this is the first criterion to shortlist the best companies providing the service.

Take reference

Never hesitate to take suggestions from the people you know that have been using the service. Take reference from these people, as it may help you form a list of some of the reputed companies. Companies who have been serving people since long are popular amongst them and provide a quality service. Thus choosing a company with choice of maximum people is a wiser selection. But never forget to collect all the required information about the company.

Check the variety of products provided

The companies having solid reputation in providing quality products and variety in them should be preferred over others. The company to be selected should provide variety in the products like cam lock couplings – aluminium cam lock couplings, aluminium cam lock fittings, stainless steel cam lock couplings etc. The brands providing variety in their service and quality products are preferred readily over other brands by people. Thus, this is also a criterion to select the best service providing company.

Online presence

A company with a great sense of professionalism will always have online services available with them. These brands list their products online with their good quality pictures, specifications, details and descriptions, which help the customer to select a product of choice without any problem. Since these brands provide quality service online too, they are to be shortlisted first. All the above mentioned points are enough to select a quality service provider. But a bit of more research can get you the most suitable company for the service you need.

Valuable Tips for the Successful Use of Cam and Groove Fittings

If you live in a home that features a garden, then you will find yourself making extensive use of hose pipes to water this on a frequent basis. Hose pipes can be best used only with the help of Cam and Groove fittings which keep them functioning in an adequate manner all through the course of a given year. Such fittings are quite small in size and are also of a very sturdy quality. In order to be able to use these successfully, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Oil Fittings on a Regular Basis at Home

You should oil the Cam and Groove couplings on a frequent basis if you want these to keep serving you well for a long time to come. For instance, you should remember to oil the couplings three to four times in a month at least, if not for more than that. Since majority of these fittings are made up of brass you can use any well known brass oil in the market for this purpose. Once the fittings have been oiled very thoroughly indeed they should be left unused for three to four hours at a stretch.

Keep Fittings in Cool Area of Home and Get them Repaired by Legitimate Authorities

The Cam and Groove connecting devices that you use should be kept in a dark and cool area of the home or of the garden shed if you have one. This is because continued exposure to the rays of the sun can hamper with the quality of the fitting device. In the event of any wear and tear occurring to these fitting devices, you should always opt for the services of repair professionals to look into the successful mending of the product. You should also avoid trying to repair these fittings on your own as you might end up doing more damage to these than good. Service professionals for the successful repair of fitting devices are many in number and at the time of the purchase of the connecting device you will be provided with a warranty card and contact details of service authorities whom you can get in touch with for wear and tear solutions.

Use Specific Disconnects for Specific Devices

There are specific quick disconnects to be used for specific devices such as the pipes, hoses and cooling tanks. Hence you should purchase and use fittings keeping in mind exactly what device they are going to be used with. If you use a fitting meant for a hose pipe, in a cooling tank then chances are that these fittings are not going to be of much use to you. Store that engage in the sale of these fittings can provide you with important information in this regard.

Thus, there are some really crucial tips that you ought to go ahead and consider if you want the fittings and disconnects for pipes and hoses to serve you very well indeed.

Engage in the Easy Sale of Camlock Fittings Online

Do you have valuable connecting devices such as the Camlock couplings lying about in your home? Then you should consider the idea of getting these sold online for a decent price. Camlock connecting devices are mostly need for the proper and adequate use of pipes and hoses and there is certain to be a significant demand for such products in the marketing engines on the internet. In order to be able to carry out such a sale process in a successful manner, there are a number of important steps which you need to take.

Determine Age of the Device Prior to Selling

Firstly, you need to determine how old the Camlock fitting that you are looking to sell really is before you go ahead and post an advertisement for its sale online. There are no takers for products and devices that are more than five years of age, in the stores on the internet. Secondly, you really need to make sure that the fitting which you sell is still in usable condition and can be utilized for another four to five years or so. Else angry customers might just bother you with requests for their money to be refunded!

Quote Higher Price for Bronze and Aluminium Fittings

It is important to sign up for a membership on one of the marketing engines online if you want to use such a platform for the sale of your Camlock coupling. Such a membership is entirely free of cost and the sign up process will not take more than ten to fifteen minutes. Once you do find yourself to be in a position to use this marketing engine, you should highlight all the positive features of the fitting and provide even a picture of it if possible. This will be certain to attract buyers in large numbers. If the fitting that you are looking to sell are characterised by bronze or aluminium handles, you can fetch a higher price for these are compared to the ordinary fittings. It is important to quote the price and transaction details, such as mode of payment etc so that potential customers are not kept in the dark as to how the transaction should be carried out.

Mention Warranty Details and Instructions for Use for Customer Benefit

If there are is an ongoing warranty for the Camlock fittings which you wish to sell, you need to mention this too, adding exactly for how long the warranty is going to be valid for and what customers have to do to extend this warranty if they wish to. Vital instructions associated with the daily use of the fittings and information about products which these fittings are not compatible with need to be made known to the customers too for their own benefit.

Thus, there are quite a few important steps which you need to take if you want to be able to sell your used fitting devices at home for a good price online.

Get cam lock fittings & coupling services with satisfaction

Certain services like tubing, pipe fitting, hose etc. are such that one has to get those once or more in their houses, offices etc. If you have to get any of the above mentioned service by the best company then you need to go through this article. We know this very well that there are numerous companies which provide these services now days, but to choose the best amongst them may become a tiresome affair if enough of research is not done. Companies providing products like quick release fittings, cam and groove fittings etc. are to be purchased for getting the above mentioned service. There are certain points which are to be kept in mind to select the most appropriate service provider and If you are unaware of the points, down below is a brief guide to tell you how to choose a cam lock coupling & fitting company.

Talk to people, take suggestions

While short listing some of the best companies, do not hesitate to take reference from people who have tried the service out. While talking to them they will tell you about the product as well as the company and the quality of service they provide. Certain companies maintain their standard by selling high quality products with least profit amount to increase their reputation among people. These people may give you names of some of the most reputed and quality brands. Also talk to the local merchants who have been in the business since long, as it may help you form a list of trusted companies. This should be a criterion to shortlist good companies but never forget to collect all the required information about the company you select for getting your service.

Quality of customer service

The most important criterion to classify the companies is the quality of customer service they provide. If the company provide quality customer assistance and has a better feedback then you may go for it but if they don’t respond back in time or talk rudely then choosing them may become regretful. Some of the best companies provide quality customer assistance and for that they go beyond what all they can do. With a 24X7 online assistance number on the site they are able to troubleshoot the problems of customers and leave a positive impact on them. The do not just sell product, they gift you a high level of self satisfaction and quality. Choosing a company on the basis of this criterion will never leave you regretting. Thus this be the key criterion to select the most suitable brand for your services.

Go for brands

While you are selecting the most suitable company to provide you with all the products for your services check that the quality of products they provide is up to the mark or not. The key feature of branded products is that they maintain a high standard when we talk about the quality of their products. Selecting a non-branded product may become a headache later on and waste your time and money again and again. Going for quality products not only give you good product feedback but also a huge sigh of self satisfaction. While searching for quick disconnect couplings or cam and groove never forget to check the ratings of the products and go through the reviews before going for it. Companies which provide branded products not only sell items but they provide you with the satisfaction of quality. Thus choosing a product with quality is not compromising with your satisfaction level and is a wiser selection.

Cam locks coupling & cam lock fittings

The above mentioned are the utilities for various applications such as pipe fittings, hose, tubing, chemicals, adhesives etc. Once or more we need these products to get the service done and we need products like cam lock fittings, cam lock hose fittings etc. To choose the suitable service provider for the above mentioned products enough of research is needed. And also we have to keep certain points in mind to select the most suitable company. If we are not available with the accurate facts and data, selecting the appropriate service provider may become a tedious job. As we know that there are lot of online as well as offline sellers of these products and to select the best amongst them we need to follow some steps to select a appropriate service provider. In case, you don’t know about the steps to be taken, here are some points to be kept in mind.

Customer service

As we know that there are many companies providing the service, we have to select the company after analysing and judge them on certain criteria otherwise choosing a wrong service provider will pay us badly. Some of the best companies who have been serving people since a long time and have good reputation among the people are preferred over all the others as they provide quality service and better customer assistance. Such companies provide an online assistance forum and a 24X7 available helpline number to troubleshoot all the possible problems of their customers which gives a positive impact on the customers. Each time they go beyond what all they can do and give a positive impression on their customers. Hence, choosing such brand for getting your service is a better choice.

Take reference

Talking to people and taking their suggestions over the best company for the purpose is a good option and will surely help you in short listing the better companies. They can give you an appropriate feedback about the product if they have tried out the service. Talking to them can help you make a small list of some of the most reputed companies and companies which are reputed for their service always sell good quality products to maintain a standard. These products are not only branded but give a heavy sense of self satisfaction, as the products long-lasting and give a positive feedback. But never forget to collect all the required information about the company which you select for getting your service.

Check the variety of products provided

Companies providing these products should have variety and quality in the products listed. Usually the reputed companies do not compromise with the quality of products and give their best in providing the service. The company which is to be selected for getting the service should provide variety in products like stainless steel cam lock fittings, cam lock fittings etc. Thus, choosing a company providing variety of products with quality is a better option.


The points discussed above are enough to choose the suitable service provider. But after a bit more research you can go for the best one. A company coming up with the above mentioned standards is the one which should be chosen.