All about Cam and Groove Couplings

The quick release couplings are useful items to own in the household. These keep pipes and hoses together and are pretty easy to install. Couplings come in a number of different sizes and are generally made of copper and aluminum. There are times when you can come across these in materials like bronze and stainless steel as well. The couplings are one of the most widely bought products around the globe and there are few places where these are not made use of. The following are some of the more well known aspects associated with couplings.

Can be found for Sale Quite Easily

Couplings and quick disconnects are easily found for sale in the household section of every departmental store and are sold at discounted prices when the holiday season is in progress. This is the time of year when you can buy three to four of these for the price of one.

Sold at Discounted Rates Online

The internet is also an excellent destination for the purchase of items like the couplings. In fact if you choose to do your shopping online then you can save more than fifty percent of your money on the purchase of these items as the discounts are that high.

Always in Stock

The quick disconnects are items that are always known to be in stock and seldom are you ever likely to find that these are not available for sale. You will be able to buy these whenever you need to, be it in the late hours of the night or in the early hours of the morning.

Long Shelf Life

The couplings are normally known to have a long life and the minimum period of time for which you can get to make use of these is about eight to ten years at a stretch. Once you buy these from the market, it will be quite some time before you need to buy new ones again.

Good Repair Services Available

There are good repair services that you can avail in order to be able to get the couplings fixed in the event that these do not work up to the mark. The repair services are generally offered on a contractual basis and the minimum time period for the validity of a contract is about one year. This contract can later be renewed to another two or three years.

Excellent Demo’s Available for Viewing Online

There are excellent video demonstrations that you can get to watch online in order to understand better how the couplings are to function. These video demonstrations are conducted by experts and last for about half an hour to forty five minutes. By watching such a video demonstration you will be better positioned to make use of the couplings that you have in your home.

The quick release couplings are thus convenient products that are worth purchasing if you have pipes and hoses at home and wish to keep these in good condition all the year through. The Cam and Groove couplings are seldom known to malfunction.

Beneficial Aspects of Buying Camlock Couplings Online

The camlock couplings are widely used products in the domestic as well as industrial setup and are found for sale online. In fact more and more people who make use of couplings are seen to be buying these online nowadays. Shopping online is a quick and convenient affair and is something that you can do from the comfort of y our own home or from your professional space. To know more about buying Cam and Groove couplings online can prove to be a good idea, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Several to Choose From

The internet stores provide you with a wide range to make your choice from when it comes to the fitting devices like the couplings. You will be able to buy the latest devices in the market and not have to settle for something that is not currently in vogue.

High Quality

The couplings which are sold on the internet are those that are of an excellent quality and you generally get to avail a warranty facility upon your purchase of these items. You will be able to use these over a time span of five to six years, quite comfortably.

Easy Installation Process

The internet couplings are generally those that are of a convenient size and you will not face any difficult at all when it comes to installing such items in your home. The installation process is something that you will be able to carry out in a matter of twenty odd minutes or so.

Quick and Free Home Delivery Services

The internet couplings are delivered to your home in a quick and efficient manner and you will not have to wait for longer than a week in order to have these in your possession. There is also no money to pay for the delivery process. This is provided entirely for free.

Free Maintenance Services

When you buy stainless steel couplings from the internet stores then you will be able to get free maintenance charges for it for a period of one year, in the form of a warranty card. After one year has expired, you can go ahead and renew the warranty term for yet another year.

Attractive Appearance

The quick release couplings that you get to buy online are those that are quite attractive in terms of appearance. These are generally made of steel, bronze or aluminum and look quite shiny and bright.

Exchange Offers for Customer Benefit

One huge benefit that comes with the purchase of the quick release fittings that you buy from the internet is that you get to exchange these if you are not happy with their quality. The exchange has to be done within three to four days since you buy the devices, and your receipt will have to be produced or the receipt number quoted for the exchange to go through.

Thus, there are quite a few well known benefits that you can get to experience upon the purchase of couplings online.

All about Couplings for Sale

The couplings are some of the most essential items that are made use of in the home. Couplings are generally made of aluminum and bronze. These are sometimes available in copper as well. Couplings are used to connect pipes and hoses together. These are therefore used to a great extent in the kitchens and bathrooms of every home. There are few people who can actually afford to do without the use of the couplings. These are heavily required in both the industrial and the domestic setup. The following are some important features of the quick release couplings.

Available in Sealed Form Only

The couplings are known to come in sealed packages at the time of sale and seldom are these available for sale in loose form. When you go to buy couplings from the market you will have to buy at least ten to twelve of these at a time rather than just one or two.

Can be Bought Online

The couplings can be bought online and you do not have to search too far and wide in order to come across such items being sold. The internet is one of the best destinations for the purchase of couplings as these are made available at discounted prices. In fact you can save quite a bit of money if you choose to do your shopping of couplings on the internet. The rates of discount are often as high as fifty percent of the actual price of the couplings, making the possibility of savings an absolutely huge one for the customer.

Instructions for Use Given to Customer at the time of the Purchase

Instructions are provided to the customer regarding the use of the coupling at the time of the sale of the product. So if you do not know how to use the couplings, you needn’t worry as the sale authorities will give you the tips and the suggestions that you need to operate these in the right manner.

Long Shelf Life

Couplings are known to have a long life. The minimum period of time for which you can get to make use of these is one year and the maximum is three years. It would be a good idea to engage in the bulk purchase of couplings whenever you set out to buy these items from the market. By doing so, you will be able to save money on your purchase and also be able to draw upon a plentiful supply of such items. You won’t experience any shortage pertaining to these.

Cam and Groove the Highest Quality Couplings for Sale

The Cam and Groove couplings are known to be the best couplings that are available for sale in the market. These come with an extensive warranty at the time of sale and render excellent service to those who make use of them. Such couplings are known to be higher priced than the ordinary quick release fittings.

Thus, if you keep the above mentioned points in mind, you will definitely have a good idea of what couplings are all about.

Well Known Benefits of Buying Couplings Online

The use of couplings is very common in almost every household. These are used to fix and hold together the pipes in the kitchens and in the bathrooms. Couplings can be found for sale on the internet on a regular basis. You can also get to buy such devices from the household section of any departmental store in the city or town in which you live. The following are some of the popular benefits that you can get to experience if you decide to make your purchase of quick release fittings from the internet.

Wide Range to Choose From

If you buy couplings online then you will get to choose from a wide range of items. The internet stores provide you with the option of choosing from as many as fifty to hundred couplings at a time, with the majority of these having been very recently manufactured.

Open all the Time

The internet stores are open at all hours of the day and on all days of the week. Thus you can do your shopping at any time of the day, be it in the morning or in the evening. You do not have to restrict your shopping activities to a specific time.

Free Home Delivery

The couplings that you buy from the stores online will be delivered to your home for free of cost. The average time taken to go through with the delivery process is about seven to eight days since the transaction. If the time taken for the delivery is longer, then you will be duly informed about this.

Long Term Warranty

If you engage in the online purchase of couplings, then you will be able to avail extensive warranty facilities for these products. The warranty will enable you to get the couplings repaired for free of cost within a certain period of time. Such a warranty is generally valid for six months to one year.

Excellent Quality

The quick release couplings that are sold online are known to be of a very sturdy quality. These will not be likely to run into any kind of wear and tear soon. You will be able to use them flawlessly for several months before you have to buy new ones again.

Sold at Discounted Rates at Night

The Cam and Groove couplings which are available for sale online are sold at discounted rates in the late hours of the night. If you choose to do your shopping at this point of time, then you can get to buy the couplings at half price.

Guarantee Certificate Given

You will be given a guarantee for the couplings that you buy online. This will serve as proof of the fact that the couplings which are in your possession are those that are made of high quality material and are not one among the many fake couplings that are also sold frequently online.

Thus shopping for couplings online can prove to be quite a beneficial experience if you keep the above mentioned points in mind.

Important Tips for the Purchase of Quick Release Couplings

The quick release couplings are important products for purchase among those who make frequent use of pipes and hoses at home. The couplings are basically used for the purpose of keeping pipes and hoses together. Buying these is not a very difficult thing to do as these are widely available for sale online and elsewhere. If you want to make a successful purchase of the couplings, then there are a number of important tips that you need to keep in mind at the time of buying such items from the market.

Should be Bought from Stores on the Internet

The Cam and Groove couplings are those that should be bought from the stores online. This is because the internet stores give you a guarantee as well as warranty for the items that you buy from here. You will not face the risk of buying a device that is of an inferior quality.

Consider Making a Bulk Purchase

The couplings are items which you should go ahead and purchase in bulk. This is because you will have to engage in the use of several of these at a time rather than just one or two. By opting for a bulk purchase, you will also end up spending less money.

Opt for the Aluminum Couplings Only

If you are looking to buy couplings then you should opt for those that are made of aluminum rather than copper or bronze. The aluminum couplings are quite easy to handle and are also known to come with a long shelf life. You can use these for three to six months at a stretch without experiencing any trouble.

Make Sure to Buy in Sealed Form

The quick release fittings are those that need to be bought in the sealed form only. If the couplings are bought in loose form then there is every chance that these will already have been used once. The used products do not have a long life and buying these would be a waste of your money.

Ensure you Know how to Operate Couplings prior to Purchase

You need to make sure that you know how to use the couplings before you go ahead and buy them. If you don’t there are many video demonstrations online which you can see for this purpose.

Consider Size of the Couplings

The size of the couplings is something that you need to keep in mind at the time of the purchase. There are specific couplings that are available for use on specific pipes and hoses. Bearing the size in mind will help you to buy the right couplings for your personal requirements.

Ask for a Receipt in order to Avail Exchange Facilities

You should ask for a receipt at the time of buying products such as the couplings. By doing so, you will be in a position to exchange these products later on for couplings that are of a superior quality. The exchange services generally need to be carried out within the first three to four days of the transaction.

Couplings – Have Many Uses In Our Lives

What coupling means – it is an item designed to connect two other items, in most cases to enable the trespassing of some fluid or gas in entire system; in fact it has many other definitions, but this is the one, which the industry uses. The meaning of the coupling items in the industry is very important; they participate in every possible used systems of gas/fluid or powder, which are part of every industry, so it has also very wide application.

To be fair couplings can be seen in every aspect of our lives, even more there are aspects, which won’t be available without their participation – like our coffee; yes there are also couplings in the coffee machine. The entire chemical, petrol, agricultural and water industries rely on couplings – they provide secure connections and available quick connect/disconnect option. You just need to remember the large raw petrol pipelines or the refinery, which consists of fluid systems; the corn plantations, which have to be irrigated and the large cities- with running water. Then you will understand the real meaning of the couplings in our lives.

The variety in these products is not really wide, mostly in the sizes and the extra additions of the companies – like handles or nice paint. In fact the general coupling items can be counted on the finger of our hands; there are the camlock couplings and fittings; the quick connect couplings and fittings; the quick release couplings and fittings; the camlock hose connectors and the cam and groove. As can be seen it is true – the variety is not too wide; still the companies offer one or two handles on the coupling items, which ease working with them; also the size and the exact work, which will be done are important for the item. Of course for the petrol pipelines the coupling parts will be huge and for laboratory use they might be microscopic size; aluminum or steel is the other question, which again depends of what they will be used for. The male or female question doesn’t stand, because the companies must have both, so they can open and close the systems; of course if they need just male coupling – it is ok, nobody will make them to use both.

Coupling items are used, too, when the entire system or just part of it – like a tank for e.g. – is transported; usually the fats open/close function saves a lot of time and money to the companies. And provides safety, because there are connectors, which can be connected with computer system and to open and close automatically – in order to release some pressure if necessary.

The quick release couplings for example are used exactly with that function – to release gas for e.g., from a liquid system, in order to reduce pressure – very useful, isn’t it. It is because otherwise the entire system may fall apart.

In general – the coupling items aren’t too much, but they do great job in almost every aspect of our lives.Read more at : Global Couplings.

Coupling’s Place In The Industries

The fluid/gas/powder systems are part of all kinds of industry; they usually consist of pipes, tubes and reservoirs and couplings. The last are used to connect different parts of the systems and ease working with them; in fact the real purpose of these parts is to connect two things. The coupling items, used in the industries are used exactly for that and the disconnect function is included, logically.

The wide use of the coupling items made entire industry of that; thousands of companies manufacture them and even more distributors exist all over the world. They offer the entire package – camlock couplings and fittings; quick connect couplings and quick release couplings and fittings; camlock hose couplings and cam and groove. As it is visible there is not too wide variety in the products, which is normal they serve to only two-three purposes; the coupling parts can me male and female, in order to be able to fit with each other. In fact their shapes make the quick connect/disconnect property of the couplings.

Very important about the coupling parts is their safety and reliability; they must have really high safety, because most of the companies work with systems under extremely high pressure and any possible problem may be really dangerous. Each item has to cover the latest ISO standards and these of the company manufacturer; usually real condition test are performed and only after that the coupling can be sent to the client.

The materials used for the parts are mainly two; there is third too, but it hasn’t entered the market well, yet. The aluminum and the stainless steel are the most used materials for making coupling items; they are strong, durable and reliable. They also don’t react often with chemicals, and for the industry it is very valuable quality, because they often transport and use highly reactive chemicals. Another feature of the couplings is the availability of one or two handles, which in fact make working with them easier – the employee can connect/disconnect the system with just one move. The companies add this nice improvements to make the clients feel comfortable and to gain confidence – it is tough market and requires clever moves.

In fact the coupling market was very profitable, but the latest worldwide economical problems affected it, too; there are no major issues, still the usual profit is lower. The statistics say that the time of the large and expensive orders had passed – now the companies have to keep their businesses sustainable, with the regular midsize orders and regular clients.

The couplings offered on the market have different size, usually according the needs of the client, which sometimes are not clear enough – some of the have no idea what is the quick connect couplings? Here the customer services step in, the successful companies have highly sophisticated team, which determine the client’s needs and give them the best price. Great option, which is necessary these days it the business have to succeed.Read more at Global Couplings.

Attach Your Pipes With Camlock Couplings

With the progression of skill, there is a dire essential to stay connected to save time and energy. With the growth in development, there is a growing upsurge in construction of large manufacturing buildings and thus it is vital to have an art technology to use in the care and building of such services.

In many businesses, large sizes of pipes are fixed and thus require a harmless and useful method to link and attach them. There are numerous products that are obtainable in the marketplace which are used to connect or disconnect these kinds of large size manufacturing pipes. One such creation is Cam lock Couplings. These kinds of couplings attached without single locks and bolts.

A Camlock Coupling is a very harmless device to usage; however, there are sure kinds of defenses that must use. That is these kinds of couplings must continuously connect under low weight. Further, there must be a proper and flawless alloy coupling selected. Similarly, to check whether there is any leak and that the association is done strongly, a pressure test pipe association suggested.

One thing must every time be kept in mind when the coupling applied in case of fluidized waterless goods. These products are punitive as compared to fluids and thus, Camlock Couplings should be check frequently for visual confirmation of any wear and tear of the couplings. Handle locking devices can be used to offer safe application solutions.

Mainly, the main purpose of the Camlock couplings is to join 2 or more pipes composed. The coupling must always fulfill the necessities of the application otherwise the coupling would not work successfully. The non-effective coupling could cause ill things to the method and can damage it subsequent in creation of an unsafe environment.

The dimension of the Camlock Fitting should designate correctly and by compelling all due care and the temperature should be measured while choosing any coupling. The fitting essential fit in the temperature and the weight and appropriate fitting must designate. When two pipes combined, it at times needs a valve and thus corrects requirement of the valve to be designated to make a coupler operative if it requirements a valve.

Significant features of a Cam Lock fitting

One of the common significant features of a Cam Lock fitting is that numerous kinds of connections could be used. Certain of the connections are winding, threaded male joining, lure lock, etc. Dissimilar types of adapters are necessary for different kinds of couplings. The kind of coupling is contingent upon the type of the application in which it used.

Thus, it is every time good to take extra defenses and give due care while choosing a coupling to make the request work and is harmless otherwise it can be unsafe and cause a danger to the situation. There are numerous companies which deal in offering such couplings, and thus, good attention must make before choice of the suitable Camlock coupling. Thus these are best for anyone.

Cam And Groove: A Better Support For You

To form connection, easily slide the adapter into the coupler and with usual hand pressure, press the cam levers downside. Uncoupling is as fast and easy as coupling. Only lift the cam arms and remove the adapter.

We are one step ahead of our challengers in delivering a board range of Cam and Groove fittings. These are surely engineered using supreme quality components and by implementing precise technologies. These products deliver simplest and fastest tight connection and confirm constant performance. Our products and services are ergonomically considered and developed under the firm direction of knowledgeable quality controllers using finest quality components.

Features of Cam and groove fittings:

  • Precise design

  • Correct dimensions

  • High effectivenessof cam and groove couplings

We are instrumental in built-up and supplying anexcellence range of cam and groove fittings.

Cam and Groove (Cam-Lock) fittings are an industry preferred for applications in low-pressure liquid handling. These fittings mate rapidly and conveniently by entering the groove adapter (male) into the female cam fittings and easily closing the cam arms. Security pins avert the cam arms from accidental stoppage during use.

Optional locking arms are obtainable to additional reduce any possible for spillage. Cam and Groove fittings are obtainable in a wide range of sizes, design, and materials, and interchange among brands in most sizes. Cam and Groove fittings are famous in a board array of vacuum and low pressure fluid applications where a hose assembly is often connected and removed.

  • Obtainable inPolypropylene, Aluminum, Stainless Steel,Brass, Malleable Iron, and Nylon

  • Addedelbows, adapters, and reducer configurations obtainable

  • Sizes from 1/2″ to 12″

  • Domesticobtainable (most styles) and Import.

  • New emitted cam and groove couplings permit depressurization prior to disconnect

  • Not For Compressed Air or Gas Facility

  • Kind DC and DP should never be used in pressurized lines

The benefits of the cam and groove coupling cam

The cam and groove fittings cam has a more of benefits. For instance, you just design a appropriate shape of the cam and groove fittings cam, then it can make the supporter make whole of the supposed movements, it also has a very easy and compact structure, it is very simple to design and install. So it is been broadly used in many industries, like the automatic machine tool, textile mechanism, printing industries, light industry device, food machine and packing machine.

Application area of the cam and groove coupling cam

1. The shape of the cam and groove fittings cam is according to the drive rule of the valve stem. For sample, the cam could assistances to make certain the valve stem to effectiveness working, because when the cam is constant rotation, the valve stem will be discontinuous and as expected to moving;

2. When the cylindrical cam is revolution, the supporter will be swing with the groove side of the cam and groove fittings cam, and then the entire knife rest which connect with the cam would be moving too.

Camlock Hose Connectors: A Solution To Your Problems

Global coupling is a variant of camlock fittings with additional level of security against accidental disconnection. Security is delivered by a patented locking mechanism, built into the coupling arms. Such a design confirms that the arms are locked automatically when closed.

Camlock hose Connectors are usually used as a fast and convenient technique of connecting together a flexible hose or 2 flexible hoses to a firm pipe and just as rapidly and simply disconnecting them.  They are factory-made in stainless steel, polypropylene, bronze, and most usually aluminum.

Sewage pumps in sumps and on pontoons to pipelines
o Effluent pontoons to exterior and buried pipelines
o Tractor PTO pump to suction and discharge hoses

o Hydrant takeoffs to drag hoses

  • o Polyethylene mainline pipe pieces above ground
    o Polyethylene and lay flat drag hose part
  • Male camlock are named adaptors and female camlock are named couplers.  The female coupler is fixed over the male adaptor and the joining is safe by the two locking levers on the female coupler.

  • On the reverse side of the camlock coupler and adaptor is a selection of a hose male or tail or female BSP Thread.Other choices contain twice hose tails, male threaded hose tails, double reducing hose male, dust caps and dust plugs.

Stainless Steel Coupling

Backed by a skillful team of experts, we deliver our customers perfect quality range of Stainless Steel Coupling that is planned and developed from the supreme quality raw material and cutting edge technology in order to confirm durability and perfect quality. These are very appreciated amongst our respected clients for high effectiveness, consistent performance, cost efficiency, robust designs and user friendly features.

Moreover, we offer these to our users in varied specifications as per their necessities, at market leading charges.

Stainless steel couplings are perfect for use in corrosive circumstances such as salt spray in marine operations, often wash-downs in food and beverage handling, caustic chemicals in agricultural uses, and several other harsh situations.

These camlock are heavy duty and bigger to other kinds of camlock, which is ideal for those who are in want of more performance and toughness for regular use.

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, uses with salt water, unused water and some chemicals. Maintain power at high temp.

Advantage of Stainless Steel Coupling:

  • Maximum resistance to corrosion and pitting
  • One stem, numerous ferrules for higher coverage
  • Optimal fittings retaining and reliability
  • Greater high-pressure, high-impulse performance

Design Features – Stainless Steel 316/316L

  • Type 316 is high resistant to atmospheric and other mild surroundings than Type 304.

  • A Type316L stainless steel coupling has the similar composition as Type 316 excluding the carbon content is held below 0.03 percent. Not suddenly, its common corrosion resistance and other things approx. correspond to those of Type 316. The uses of 316L are suggested when exposure in the carbide precipitation series is mandatory and where annealing after welding is not useful.

  • The max temp for scaling resistance in nonstop services is near 1650°F, and 1500°F for intermittent service.

  • Might be susceptible to chloride stress corrosion cracking.

  • Better corrosion resistance to chlorides.