Coupling Industry – The Highest Standards

The couplings are used in all kinds of industries and business; they have two main purposes – to open and lose systems; and that is why they are so widely used. The simplicity in the design of couplings is the key and their safety is the way to have profitable and successful business in that industry.

In fact the systems of fluid powder or gas take wide part of our lives and industry – without them many things won’t be ever invented and used. It is also very wide industry regarding n number of the manufacturers and distributors; the competition is very high, which in fact makes the items produced extremely safe and tough.

The safety is important, when making so important parts – as cam and groove or quick disconnect fittings and couplings; camlock fittings and couplings and quick connectors. All of these may be part of systems with very high pressure or reactive chemicals, which means that even the smallest leak can make heavy damage to the people and the environment. In fact the couplings manufacture includes items preferred when having system with low pressure– cam and groove and the quick disconnect fittings in the other situations. The high pressure requires other manufacturing and processing of the materials in order they take care of it.

Cam and groove coupling items are preferred in industries with large systems, consisting of fluids and powders; their size can be different, depending of the needs of the client. The materials used are the usual – aluminum, stainless steel, propylene and bras; many companies included carbon as one couplings material, but it is still entering the market and is not that wide used. Of course the cam and groove parts must be very safe and reliable, because here the eventual costs of a leak can be huge – the fluid is moving fast through the pipes.

The quick disconnect fittings are part of the quick disconnects; they are used where the high pressure is necessary – air based systems and other gas; and dangerous liquids. The reliability here is among the highest in the entire industry, even in the tiny parts; multiple tests and certifications are the proof of that. Quick disconnect fittings are also made of the commonly used materials in the industry and the process of their manufacturing is different of this of the camlock couplings for example – aluminum, propylene, brass and steel. In fact the light materials are the most preferred.

Both coupling items are important for the world industries by doing its simple job – open and close. Camlock couplings, quick connects; quick disconnects; quick release couplings and fittings and the cam and groove– they are all part of the industry and all are extremely wide used, which is why they have very high quality – all of them. The competition even helps the keeping the high quality – the strong competition means that the manufacturers make good items in order to gain more clients; and improve the entire attitude of the business, too.

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