All About Cam And Groove Couplings

Camlock couplings are used rapidly to either connect or disconnect the pipe fittings and are mainly used for the industrial purposes. These couplings are also referred to as cam and groove couplings. The cam and groove fittings are available in number of different materials but particularly which are utilized in the steel drum and the tote industry, are mainly made up of stainless steel or the polypropylene. These fittings are also called as cam and groove as they consist of the male grooved connector. These are the best choice for the applications in handling the low pressure fluids. It is one of the best ways of connecting two pipes together as these couplings aids in preventing leakage.

Camlock couplings are available in wide number of shapes and sizes. These sorts of couplings are becoming quite popular for the industrial purposes. The standard size of the cam and grove fittings is ¾ inches to 6 inches.

In the era of technological advancements throughout the world, a quite larger number of industries are raising up to the sky. With the increase in the number of industries, it has led to the construction of the new buildings that requires high end level of construction so as to ensure perfect and efficient construction of the buildings, it has been observed in the cases of many industries which make use of the large pipes, they need to be interlinked to each other. The connecting of the pipes is very much necessary for the safety of the people working over there and for the better functionality of the company. So, it becomes very important to take utmost care while connecting the pipes.

As such, there are huge of products available that helps in the either connecting or disconnecting of the pipes. One such product that’s quite popular in the market is cam lock couplings. These cam lock couplings don’t requires any sort of screws or the locks to perform connection or the disconnection of the pipes. These cam and groove couplings are used for almost all the types of industries. Due to the increased demand for the groove couplings, there has been a quite drastic increase in the manufacturers of these couplings and the manufacturers provide them in number of different quality and sizes.

Functions of the camlock fittings

  • The important function of the camlock fittings is to hold the pipes together. It very important to make sure that the fittings used they gets perfectly fitted in order to avoid any kind of hazardous.

  • These are just not only used for the connection but also used for the transportation of the dry and liquid products.

  • These couplings are just not only used forthe high end applications butthey are also used for holding hose tanks and pumps.

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