Camlock Couplings – Ideal Solutions For Industrial Fuel Management System

Fuel management system ismainly designed for the purpose of controlling the fuel consumption. This can be used for all modes of transportation that includes roadways, orairways and the waterways of transportation. This makes use of a quite broader concept that makes use of the tank monitoring system which allows you to have complete control on the fuel management system.

One of the important features of the camlock fitting is to join more than two pipes together. The couplings used should always fulfill the requirements of the given applications or else it may not work quite effectively. There are number of different connections that can be used for effective connections. Some of important types of connection include twisting connection, lure lock connection and the threaded male connection.

Solutions provided bycamlock couplings

With the usage of the camlock couplings, they provide you with the latest trends in order to make sure that the system is efficient and accurate enough. The concept of the fuel management system is quite typically and is used for the vehicles that require fuel for its operation.Each technique that is employed keep track and monitor the fuel consumption and purchasing of the fuel.

You can easily and successfullyhave liquid or the dry transfer done through the Camlock coupling. The fuel industries involves with high risks mainly because of their working nature. The fuel industry operators manufacture and sellthe goods that are required for the daily routine uses. Such types of industries make use of special fittings and the accessories for manufacturing of the goods. As such the operators in manufacturing industries are very safe.

In the fluid and the fuel related industries, the operators have to deals with number of chemicals and the corrosive materials.The work becomes bit easier with the fuel management system. It’s mainly due to the use of the cam and groove couplings, it becomes quite easy to connect and disconnect.

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

These are the non-toxic and the organic compounds which are made up of 67.5 % of de-ionized water and 32.5% of urea. When this mixture is added to the diesel exhaust, it helps in neutralizing the emissions. This is widely available in all the major truck shops and the distributors. This DEF is corrosive to certain materials such as carbon steel, certain kind of plastic materials plastics, aluminum.

Precautions that are to be taken prior to using camlock couplings

  • Connect the camlock fittings under the low pressure.

  • These fittings require regular inspection for the wear and tear and it should be replaced whenever necessary.

  • It’s better to use the devices having handle locking systems and they are quite safer.

Hence, it is always better to have good precautionary measures and take extra care while selecting the couplings. There are number of companies that provides such types of couplings and you need to take proper attention when purchasing camlock couplings.

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