Inclusive Coupling

Inclusive Couplings offers a high quality range of different types of couplings and fittings .These camloak applications can be mainly used for cosmetics, chemicals and a lot more. With dedicated team work we have the experience to recommend the right products and the buying authority to get the best excellence products to our customers at the true price for you.

Inclusive coupling includes, a) Aluminium camlock Coupling.

b) Aliminium camlock fittings.

c) Stainless steel camlock couplings.

d) Stainless camlock fittings

Aluminium camlock coupling is widely used in various industries; it’s used for dimensional accuracy and powerful nature. These materials are highly appriciated for their excellent steel and quick content. It’s avilable with Aluminum handles


  • Good for oils gases, compressed air and chemicals

  • Fastens and tightens the connection

Aliminium camlock fittings come in various sizes with different lines. It’s chiefly planned for water pump allocation. It includes pumps like trash, general, purpose, transfer pumps. A small number of models are used with fire hose. The other name of this is “cam and groove couplings”.


  • Quick connect design which allows them to make connections easy.

The different types in the above fittings are: Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type E etc…

It has enduring mold casting in it; it has the added procedure of drizzling melted metal into enduring metal molds under far above the earth force. The castings are created by enduring molds and have good grain structure and have higher potency properties than those cast for similar alloys put together and die-casting. It also has maintained better dimensional constancy as well as an even surface finished in it.

Stainless steel camlock couplings enable you to connect faster and disconnect faster your hose and pipe work. They work by servicing the coupler arms and inserting the adopter keen on the coupling. There are different types of camlock coupling available, they are differentiated w.r.t size.

The below are the other types of Stainless steel camlock couplings:

Type A adapters are of same sized.

Type B couplers are of the same type F adapters, and also compatible with Type A and E.

Type C couplers are of the same type of E adapters, and also compatible with Dust Plug.

Type D couplers are of same sized of type A adapters and is compatible with Type E and F adapters

Type E adapters are of same size as Type C couplers, and also compatible with Dust cap.

Stainless steel camlock fittings are fast and easy with the course of changes need to be done. There is high demand for groove couplings are offered from ½’’ to 6’’ sizes. With other size there are fewer requests. It’s of low cost and highly robust also delivered fast.

Type A                                                                       Type B                                                                   Type C

mm2 3

Type D                                                                      Type E                                                                      Type F

4 5 6

Type  DC                                                                  Type  DP

7 8

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