Inclusive Coupling

Inclusive Couplings offers a high quality range of different types of couplings and fittings .These camloak applications can be mainly used for cosmetics, chemicals and a lot more. With dedicated team work we have the experience to recommend the right products and the buying authority to get the best excellence products to our customers at the true price for you.

Inclusive coupling includes, a) Aluminium camlock Coupling.

b) Aliminium camlock fittings.

c) Stainless steel camlock couplings.

d) Stainless camlock fittings

Aluminium camlock coupling is widely used in various industries; it’s used for dimensional accuracy and powerful nature. These materials are highly appriciated for their excellent steel and quick content. It’s avilable with Aluminum handles


  • Good for oils gases, compressed air and chemicals

  • Fastens and tightens the connection

Aliminium camlock fittings come in various sizes with different lines. It’s chiefly planned for water pump allocation. It includes pumps like trash, general, purpose, transfer pumps. A small number of models are used with fire hose. The other name of this is “cam and groove couplings”.


  • Quick connect design which allows them to make connections easy.

The different types in the above fittings are: Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type E etc…

It has enduring mold casting in it; it has the added procedure of drizzling melted metal into enduring metal molds under far above the earth force. The castings are created by enduring molds and have good grain structure and have higher potency properties than those cast for similar alloys put together and die-casting. It also has maintained better dimensional constancy as well as an even surface finished in it.

Stainless steel camlock couplings enable you to connect faster and disconnect faster your hose and pipe work. They work by servicing the coupler arms and inserting the adopter keen on the coupling. There are different types of camlock coupling available, they are differentiated w.r.t size.

The below are the other types of Stainless steel camlock couplings:

Type A adapters are of same sized.

Type B couplers are of the same type F adapters, and also compatible with Type A and E.

Type C couplers are of the same type of E adapters, and also compatible with Dust Plug.

Type D couplers are of same sized of type A adapters and is compatible with Type E and F adapters

Type E adapters are of same size as Type C couplers, and also compatible with Dust cap.

Stainless steel camlock fittings are fast and easy with the course of changes need to be done. There is high demand for groove couplings are offered from ½’’ to 6’’ sizes. With other size there are fewer requests. It’s of low cost and highly robust also delivered fast.

Type A                                                                       Type B                                                                   Type C

mm2 3

Type D                                                                      Type E                                                                      Type F

4 5 6

Type  DC                                                                  Type  DP

7 8

Camlock Couplings – Ideal Solutions For Industrial Fuel Management System

Fuel management system ismainly designed for the purpose of controlling the fuel consumption. This can be used for all modes of transportation that includes roadways, orairways and the waterways of transportation. This makes use of a quite broader concept that makes use of the tank monitoring system which allows you to have complete control on the fuel management system.

One of the important features of the camlock fitting is to join more than two pipes together. The couplings used should always fulfill the requirements of the given applications or else it may not work quite effectively. There are number of different connections that can be used for effective connections. Some of important types of connection include twisting connection, lure lock connection and the threaded male connection.

Solutions provided bycamlock couplings

With the usage of the camlock couplings, they provide you with the latest trends in order to make sure that the system is efficient and accurate enough. The concept of the fuel management system is quite typically and is used for the vehicles that require fuel for its operation.Each technique that is employed keep track and monitor the fuel consumption and purchasing of the fuel.

You can easily and successfullyhave liquid or the dry transfer done through the Camlock coupling. The fuel industries involves with high risks mainly because of their working nature. The fuel industry operators manufacture and sellthe goods that are required for the daily routine uses. Such types of industries make use of special fittings and the accessories for manufacturing of the goods. As such the operators in manufacturing industries are very safe.

In the fluid and the fuel related industries, the operators have to deals with number of chemicals and the corrosive materials.The work becomes bit easier with the fuel management system. It’s mainly due to the use of the cam and groove couplings, it becomes quite easy to connect and disconnect.

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

These are the non-toxic and the organic compounds which are made up of 67.5 % of de-ionized water and 32.5% of urea. When this mixture is added to the diesel exhaust, it helps in neutralizing the emissions. This is widely available in all the major truck shops and the distributors. This DEF is corrosive to certain materials such as carbon steel, certain kind of plastic materials plastics, aluminum.

Precautions that are to be taken prior to using camlock couplings

  • Connect the camlock fittings under the low pressure.

  • These fittings require regular inspection for the wear and tear and it should be replaced whenever necessary.

  • It’s better to use the devices having handle locking systems and they are quite safer.

Hence, it is always better to have good precautionary measures and take extra care while selecting the couplings. There are number of companies that provides such types of couplings and you need to take proper attention when purchasing camlock couplings.

All About Cam And Groove Couplings

Camlock couplings are used rapidly to either connect or disconnect the pipe fittings and are mainly used for the industrial purposes. These couplings are also referred to as cam and groove couplings. The cam and groove fittings are available in number of different materials but particularly which are utilized in the steel drum and the tote industry, are mainly made up of stainless steel or the polypropylene. These fittings are also called as cam and groove as they consist of the male grooved connector. These are the best choice for the applications in handling the low pressure fluids. It is one of the best ways of connecting two pipes together as these couplings aids in preventing leakage.

Camlock couplings are available in wide number of shapes and sizes. These sorts of couplings are becoming quite popular for the industrial purposes. The standard size of the cam and grove fittings is ¾ inches to 6 inches.

In the era of technological advancements throughout the world, a quite larger number of industries are raising up to the sky. With the increase in the number of industries, it has led to the construction of the new buildings that requires high end level of construction so as to ensure perfect and efficient construction of the buildings, it has been observed in the cases of many industries which make use of the large pipes, they need to be interlinked to each other. The connecting of the pipes is very much necessary for the safety of the people working over there and for the better functionality of the company. So, it becomes very important to take utmost care while connecting the pipes.

As such, there are huge of products available that helps in the either connecting or disconnecting of the pipes. One such product that’s quite popular in the market is cam lock couplings. These cam lock couplings don’t requires any sort of screws or the locks to perform connection or the disconnection of the pipes. These cam and groove couplings are used for almost all the types of industries. Due to the increased demand for the groove couplings, there has been a quite drastic increase in the manufacturers of these couplings and the manufacturers provide them in number of different quality and sizes.

Functions of the camlock fittings

  • The important function of the camlock fittings is to hold the pipes together. It very important to make sure that the fittings used they gets perfectly fitted in order to avoid any kind of hazardous.

  • These are just not only used for the connection but also used for the transportation of the dry and liquid products.

  • These couplings are just not only used forthe high end applications butthey are also used for holding hose tanks and pumps.

The Amazing Camlock Couplings

Leakage of tank tubing or hose pipe is much common sight which every one of us comes across in daily lives. A leakage in hoses or pipes can lead to huge loss of water, but in industries transporting of chemicals, oils, vapors or few other fluids are much common and in such case a minor leakage can cause severe losses. For overcoming this issue, getting pipelines properly coupled and connected becomes vital. A Camlock coupling is provided by the utilization of correct cam as well as groove lock fittings. These couplings are made using several materials and are found in various brands in the market.

Fixing Camlock fitters

It is very much essential to thoroughly understand the process behind fixing cam and groove fittings prior utilizing them. These can be made using any material such as brass, stainless steel and lots more. Albeit, the process that is involved in the coupler’s fixing and even the working process of these couplings tend to remain the same, but it can vary based on the material’s quality, its size, and even the fitting or the casting utilized. Typically the standard variations of branded couplings are often provided with standard seals. These are fitted efficiently to the flow pipes and outlet pipes primarily by opening a coupler arms, then simply installing the adapter offered into the socket of the coupler. Once attained proper adjustment the open arms will be closed. Based on the application selection of seals different adaptors as well as Camlock couplers are made available.

Things to know about Camlock fittings

The Camlock fittings products comprises a range of sorts based on the material that is used in making them like aluminum Camlock fittings, brass Camlock coupler, stainless steel coupler and lots more. All of these assortments come is various features as well as sizes. They are categorized in several sorts such as type a, b and type c and lot more. The cost of these varies greatly on the type and even the size of the coupling which you choose. The fact is that these are relatively affordable and are easily available.

These fittings can be utilized much easily. Moreover, the installation of these fittings is simple and easy. It provides easy connection amid two hoses or pipes. It even works as the efficient flowing equipment in various other products such as tanks and tubing. The fitting of Camlock couplings can even be easily made with the aid of gasket. You can find wide assortment of couplings or fittings available in the market. So, it becomes obligatory that you conduct thorough research and find the right dealer offering great quality product that lasts for long and can efficiently prevent the leakage or spillage of the fluids flowing through the pipeline.

Quick Disconnects In Couplings Industry

The coupling industry offers entire solution for connecting and disconnecting all kind of systems – in any kind of industries. These items are manufactured and sold with only one job to do – to open and close, but in fact they are extremely important part of our lives and industry. Many things we got used with won’t be available without the participation of the coupling parts.

The couplings must be manufactured with the perfect safety; which is in fact the most important thing in that industry. Each company must pass whore certification process of the manufacturing process and the production itself – the ISO is just one of the many. The safety is the main care of the coupling business, because of many types of systems which have very high pressure; or are made of dangerous chemicals. One leak can cause extremely serious damage to the environment, to the people working there and to the company’s business, of course.

Quick disconnects are among the most safe and respected items in the industry; the quick disconnect couplings are widely used in many industries, which work with gas based systems – which means under high pressure. They are also used when comes to very dangerous chemicals – many of them must to be kept on exact pressure and temperature. The quick disconnect couplings ensure the safe closing of the system and its separation of the others; it is built to prevent leaks and spills of the material – which are very dangerous of highly expensive. In is one very important variation of a coupling, which does very special and highly important work in many businesses.

The quick disconnects can be used in hydraulics, in air flow and air blowguns; and also in the petrol industry – they are built to be extremely strong and durable. The variety of then coupling is not very wide – usually in the size and the material used – like aluminum, stainless steel, bras or propylene; the size of course depends of the needs and the requirements. Each quick disconnect coupling dos one job – to close and open a passage between two parts of a system; or between two systems.

The agriculture, construction and transport industry are all “clients” of the quick disconnects; they use these items in their entire work. The quick disconnect couplings are among the most important coupling items, for these industries, because of its wide use there – they depend on it.

In fact the demand for coupling items is still high and regular; the good quality of the production is one of the reasons for that; the other is the financial crisis, lately. Of course the quality of the quick disconnects and the other parts of the entire coupling industry will remain the same, because it is required and obligatory.

In fact the quality of the entire couplings industry is essential for our lives – it is part of our morning coffees and the tab water for example; and of many other aspects – which is why we will require safety, isn’t it?

Coupling Industry – The Highest Standards

The couplings are used in all kinds of industries and business; they have two main purposes – to open and lose systems; and that is why they are so widely used. The simplicity in the design of couplings is the key and their safety is the way to have profitable and successful business in that industry.

In fact the systems of fluid powder or gas take wide part of our lives and industry – without them many things won’t be ever invented and used. It is also very wide industry regarding n number of the manufacturers and distributors; the competition is very high, which in fact makes the items produced extremely safe and tough.

The safety is important, when making so important parts – as cam and groove or quick disconnect fittings and couplings; camlock fittings and couplings and quick connectors. All of these may be part of systems with very high pressure or reactive chemicals, which means that even the smallest leak can make heavy damage to the people and the environment. In fact the couplings manufacture includes items preferred when having system with low pressure– cam and groove and the quick disconnect fittings in the other situations. The high pressure requires other manufacturing and processing of the materials in order they take care of it.

Cam and groove coupling items are preferred in industries with large systems, consisting of fluids and powders; their size can be different, depending of the needs of the client. The materials used are the usual – aluminum, stainless steel, propylene and bras; many companies included carbon as one couplings material, but it is still entering the market and is not that wide used. Of course the cam and groove parts must be very safe and reliable, because here the eventual costs of a leak can be huge – the fluid is moving fast through the pipes.

The quick disconnect fittings are part of the quick disconnects; they are used where the high pressure is necessary – air based systems and other gas; and dangerous liquids. The reliability here is among the highest in the entire industry, even in the tiny parts; multiple tests and certifications are the proof of that. Quick disconnect fittings are also made of the commonly used materials in the industry and the process of their manufacturing is different of this of the camlock couplings for example – aluminum, propylene, brass and steel. In fact the light materials are the most preferred.

Both coupling items are important for the world industries by doing its simple job – open and close. Camlock couplings, quick connects; quick disconnects; quick release couplings and fittings and the cam and groove– they are all part of the industry and all are extremely wide used, which is why they have very high quality – all of them. The competition even helps the keeping the high quality – the strong competition means that the manufacturers make good items in order to gain more clients; and improve the entire attitude of the business, too.

Cam And Groove

Couplings and fittings – part of wide industry- the couplings industry, which is involved in almost every other type of business. The work that the coupling parts do is usually very important; they connect or disconnect different type of systems, which may consist of gas, fluid or powder. They could be various sizes, but in fact the variety of shapes is not too wide – there are like ten-twelve main coupling parts.

The couplings can be made of different materials – the most used are the aluminum and the stainless steel, propylene and bras; the carbon is also used material but is still entering the market and is not widely used. Each different company has its own models, which are obeying the standards and requirements for the entire industry. The variations are mainly in the materials used and the extras added – which are usually on or two handles, which ease working with the items.

The couplings industry relies on the safety – it is the main issue, when comas to manufacturing or selling these type of items. Of course – usually the systems, where they are applied and under very high pressure or they consist of dangerous for the people and the environment chemicals. Just one leak can cause serious damage and can be extremely dangerous for the people working there. This is why the companies must fulfill all kinds of standards – strictly; to be certified by ISO; and to test the items regularly – to ensure that the incidents will be avoided.

The uses of the couplings are thousands, but in fact they are used for the same things on many places – they open and close or connect and disconnect. The Cam and groove couplings and the cam and groove fittings are used mainly in the industry, when there is hose connection present, mostly. Usually the cam and groove couplings and cam and groove fittings are used for preventing leakages of dangerous and/ or expensive materials – they are in fact part of the hose connection. These coupling parts must be manufactured by the latest standards required; in fact the entire manufacturing process must to be built by the recommendations in order the company to be certified by ISO.

The cam and groove couplings are the parts used to connect or disconnect; they are made of aluminum, steel, brass or propylene. These coupling items are not recommended to be used in systems with high pressure. The cam and groove couplings must never be used in gas systems also – they are not built to handle the pressure of these types of systems.

Cam and groove fittings are used mainly to connect two pipes or just two parts of the system; they “fit” if I may say. Made of aluminum, propylene, brass and steel of course, these coupling parts are also not good for systems under pressure and gas. The cam and groove fittings are best when comes to industrial fluid or powder systems – that is why they are used there.

Both types of coupling parts are available in many companies like Global couplings for example.

Aluminium And Steel Fittings

Stainless steel is generally used throughout the world, even within every family unit in home appliances, fittings and even you use Stainless steel fittings as a part of your kitchen apparatuses and materials that incorporates dishes and spoons, etc. Principally Stainless steel fittings are used generally because it is exceptionally solid and tough and does not get rust that is the principle reason behind why Stainless steel fittings is more famous.

Beginning from minor Stainless steel fitting supplies are screws, hoses, stray pieces, channels, valves, metal balls. These materials are normally used as a part of fitting of any material can it be fittings of lights, entryways, windows, or supplanting old screws and fasteners with a new one. Today Stainless steel fitting materials are accessible that it has picked up many dishonors.

Using stainless steel fittings as a part of supplanting your home decorative fittings is the best and the right alternative. The fundamental reason is that steel itself is an exceptionally solid and tough material and does not rust effectively and hangs on and fits firmly and effortlessly. Stainless steel fittings sinks and bowls are used generally, in the event that you have SS sinks or a bowl in your kitchen you shall see that it has not been rusted and is fit as a shape as it was before when it was new. Nowadays, nearly all the spoons, people and blades are made of Stainless steel fittings and at times you may see that Stainless steel fittings is lightened for them.

Stainless steel pipes and tubing’s are broadly used as a part of homes and structures. Stainless steel pipes are used because that they don’t get harmed effortlessly and may without much of a stretch run for quite a while without giving inconvenienced. These are perfect to use as water channels in light of the fact that Stainless steel pipes don’t rust effectively and the essential thing is that they don’t spill effortlessly and the fundamental point of interest is that emblazoned materials are not abundant yet in the run that a typical man can purchase them effortlessly.

Stainless steel fittings materials incorporate fittings, for example, lights and shade poles, locks, entryway handles and handles. These materials are accessible in diverse colors and distinctive shapes and sizes. Minor things around you are generally made out of stainless steel even needles and pen nips are made out of this material.

A decent thing about Stainless steel camlock fittings is that it is decent water safe and does not wear off effectively. You won’t discover pieces and pieces or rust or metal materials wearing off effectively,

You will even discover stainless steel items, for example, in explorer mugs and flasks, containers that keeps content in its unique temperature for a long period. An essential thing to take into account is that SS materials could be cleaned effortlessly either with cleanser or different items that are accessible in a business that gives cleaning and washing items. Stainless steel fittings are dependably the reliable decision as it has great strength and may be used anywhere.

Camlock Couplings

Cam lock coupling is a fitting type that is used to connect two components or disconnect two components. Cam lock couplings are easy to use. Cam lock couplings are easier to close and open .Nowadays Cam lock couplings are used in place of unions. BCARMS is a company that widely manufactures cam lock couplings. Cam lock couplings may be made from brass, stainless steel ,aluminum, polypropylene, nylon and available in sizes from ½ to 6 feet. Cam lock fittings are used in industries to make any container tightly packed. It is otherwise called cam and depression couplings. These couplings are used within a wide of methodology in transportation of fluid and dry items.

Cam lock fitting is used to handle numerous things such as petroleum, synthetic, rail auto, emptying, water and agribusiness and dry mass taking care of. Cam lock couplings are heavily useful since Cam lock couplings are cheap. These are truly helpful because of their speedy and simple joins outline. The most of the businesses pull out all the stops as the individuals may make the association effortlessly and rapidly. Cam lock couplings can be classified into several types. They are

1. Stainless steel cam lock coupling: This fitting is made up of stainless steel, aluminum metal, nylon, and cast iron. You may find the diverse size of it going from ½” to 8″.

2. Cam lock coupling sort by: In a large portion of the petrochemical and compound businesses an extensive variety of cam lock fittings sort b are utilized. Numerous different commercial enterprises that use this coupling are the manures, nuclear vitality, steel plants, and force plants, etc. The size of the cam lock coupling sort b ranges from 1/2″ to 6″. The sides of the cam lock coupling sort b are equivalent in all sides.. Materials used for this are stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, metal and pop.

3. Polypropylene cam lock coupling: These days you may discover different scope of Polypropylene Cam lock couplings. They are available in diverse size and particulars. You can even modify them according to your details and can benefit them at modern heading cost.

4. Quick release coupler: According to your requirement you may now likewise get quick release coupler with the indicated particulars. These are frequently used as a part of compressed carrier, fluid exchange and water powered frameworks thus on in a few mechanical applications. The quick release coupler is available in different sizes and at affordable range.

5. Brass couplings: You may get a decent quality fittings made up of metal nowadays. It may work under a weight of 6 bar working temperatures extending from 30 to 60.

Presently for your industry you may get any of these Cam lock fittings that may satisfy your requirements. Before buying any of these cam lock fittings we must know about the basics of cam lock fitting to avoid future errors. In addition, Cam lock can be classified into the Aluminium cam lock fitting and Stainless steel cam lock fitting. Both coupling methods are useful but stainless steel cam lock fitting has more advantage over aluminium coupling.

All about Cam and Groove Couplings

The quick release couplings are useful items to own in the household. These keep pipes and hoses together and are pretty easy to install. Couplings come in a number of different sizes and are generally made of copper and aluminum. There are times when you can come across these in materials like bronze and stainless steel as well. The couplings are one of the most widely bought products around the globe and there are few places where these are not made use of. The following are some of the more well known aspects associated with couplings.

Can be found for Sale Quite Easily

Couplings and quick disconnects are easily found for sale in the household section of every departmental store and are sold at discounted prices when the holiday season is in progress. This is the time of year when you can buy three to four of these for the price of one.

Sold at Discounted Rates Online

The internet is also an excellent destination for the purchase of items like the couplings. In fact if you choose to do your shopping online then you can save more than fifty percent of your money on the purchase of these items as the discounts are that high.

Always in Stock

The quick disconnects are items that are always known to be in stock and seldom are you ever likely to find that these are not available for sale. You will be able to buy these whenever you need to, be it in the late hours of the night or in the early hours of the morning.

Long Shelf Life

The couplings are normally known to have a long life and the minimum period of time for which you can get to make use of these is about eight to ten years at a stretch. Once you buy these from the market, it will be quite some time before you need to buy new ones again.

Good Repair Services Available

There are good repair services that you can avail in order to be able to get the couplings fixed in the event that these do not work up to the mark. The repair services are generally offered on a contractual basis and the minimum time period for the validity of a contract is about one year. This contract can later be renewed to another two or three years.

Excellent Demo’s Available for Viewing Online

There are excellent video demonstrations that you can get to watch online in order to understand better how the couplings are to function. These video demonstrations are conducted by experts and last for about half an hour to forty five minutes. By watching such a video demonstration you will be better positioned to make use of the couplings that you have in your home.

The quick release couplings are thus convenient products that are worth purchasing if you have pipes and hoses at home and wish to keep these in good condition all the year through. The Cam and Groove couplings are seldom known to malfunction.